Best Android Drawing Apps

Best android drawing apps
Best Android Drawing Apps
Rachael Page
March 23, 2023

The best apps for artwork, graphic design, UI Design & Product Design in 2023

I just bought an Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy S6 lite 2022 version with pen) and wanted to find the best drawing apps. I wanted an app to create vector art such as icons for UI design, and pixel artworks or vector designs to apply to T-shirts and to other things such as canvas or poster art and other objects - anything from wrapping paper to bean bags for my Etsy and Redbubble stores.

It took me a couple of days to find, download and review all these drawing apps for Android (and I'm sure there are many more):



Infinite Painter

Ibis Paint X


Drawing Desk

MedBang Paint


PaintTool SAI

I judged each app on:

Layers? How many

Import Image?

Pixel or vector?

Export formats

What it’s used for

Bad points

Great points

Premium cost

I found a lot of the apps quite clunky with poor User interfaces and/or not very intuitive. Most artists and designers want an app that intuits similar to real life drawing tools - and for professional designers, workflow i.e. speed are also very important if you want to remain competitive.

I've just pasted in my numbers sheet below because I don't have time to program in a table right now:

2 best drawing apps

For my general purposes, I found that [Autodesk] Sketchbook came in first, and Concepts came in second. They do different things in different ways however, so I think it's worth having both.

Here's the best tutorial I found for the Concepts app

and here's the official concepts tutorial page

Below is the best Autodesk tutorial I found, which got me started quickly

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