UX Designer Salary / Product Designer Salary

Rachael Page
April 5, 2023

A UI/UX designer salary is the same as talking about a Product Designer salary because they're usually interchangeable job specs

Photo above by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Video transcript

Hi I'm Rachael

As a ux designer which is

also often called a product designer I

earn about 650 Euros a day so enough in

an average month that's uh 13 000 Euros

that equates to three and a half

thousand US dollars a week or over five

and a half thousand per week in


here's um a

payment into my bank account which you

can see that was for November in a

partial month in December

I've also been able to live in several

countries working on site and now I work

remotely mainly for companies in Europe

in the USA besides all that I love

designing so it's great to spend my days

doing something enjoy and now I also

teach others how to do it too

I'm not a highly talented designer I

learned everything I use as a process

if you're watching this you could be a

career changer either someone who's done

ux a ux bootcamp or a developer who

wants to create designs and get more

design into your job you could also

maybe be an entrepreneur who's working

on designing your own product or you

could be just someone interested in

learning fundamental design principles

the biggest barrier that most career

changes have is to land the job and

often the reason is the portfolio this

course is here to help you improve your

visual design skills so that you can

improve your design eye product and UI

designs your portfolio and anything else

you design such as presentations which

persuade your audience

plus as you progress through your career

you need to keep a stunning portfolio to

get the best jobs

so what's in this course and how is it

done if you Google improved visual

design skills you'll get an answer like

this what are the main four elements of

visual design line shape color texture

and space how does that help you it

doesn't this course is not going to give

you long lists of useful nouns or rules

which you can't work out how to use I

cover everything I wish I knew when I

was starting out in design including

some rookie mistakes to avoid and quick

hacks to get you there quickly

this is a fast to learn practical guide

I will introduce a principal show you

how to use it and then offer a way for

you to practice it if you want to

each practice session will flex your

design muscles and give you techniques

to use every time you design going


so that you can see how practical the

course is there are some free preview

lessons the course link is in the

description below if you're watching

this on YouTube and you can enroll for

free and view the free preview lessons

If you want to learn visual design (not the same as UX or UI design, you might like to check out my course which is launching soon...

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