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How it came about...

Hi, I'm Rachael and in 2016 I evolved...

Disillusioned with cubicle life for little reward, and the impossibility of having my own home which so many Gen X'ers are experiencing, in late 2016 I bought a van for myself and my cat, to work independent of any set location, working remotely and renting a place for the winter, or travelling to a warmer climate.

So far I've spent 7 years working from anywhere - sometimes from a temporary home. I've found various ways to earn money from anywhere, and I blog about it here in an effort to help others break free of the miserable Rat-Race.​


#vanlife #freedom #debtfree #revolution #brokenpromises #ecoliving #antigovernment

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How to Work from Anywhere

#LocationIndependent #DigitalNomad #Make Money from anywhere

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A few highlights

A few highlights