Grew followers by 11,500 in 7 weeks, a 100% increase

El Rio is an award-winning hostel on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The owners needed to boost their instagram following and social media during the pandemic, due to a downturn in business.

Grew followers by 11,500 in 7 weeks, a 100% increase
Grew followers by 11,500 in 7 weeks, a 100% increase

The strategy I followed to achieve these great numbers was:

1. Have amazing images and videos
2. Use animated stills, slow motion and timelapse on reels and other effects to grab attention in a non-tacky way
3. Consider a 'branded' look for the feed, use consistent filters
4. Know your intended outcome e.g. 'increase bookings' and your target market well
5. Optimise your bio, proper branding & set up Linktree with links for main CTA's to your website. Keep branding i.e. fonts, colours consistent with website
6. Know your talking points, e.g. products, services, awards, trip advisor reviews, highlights
7. Post regularly, at consistent times, researched to be best for the intended audience
8. Schedule posts in advance using a scheduler like buffer. NB it won't post Carousels and has a limit of 5 @mentions
9. Research hashtags for every post which are relevant and have a mixture of high, medium and low (niche) popularity
10. Get partners to visit your business & create content which they share to their 50-100k+ followers to increase your followers. Also post same content on own IG.
11. Watch out for popular posts with good reach and promote those
12. Make sure posts are in the language of the intended audience(s), in order of priority
13. Consider 'follow to win' competitions with a group of partners who all have to be followed for a chance to win a prize donated by all partners

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February 28, 2021

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WWD created a marketing strategy and followed it to bring our followers from 12.5k to 24k during a 7 week period, which is incredible! The posts and reels were great quality with well-written copy and good hashtag research which increased our reach - some posts reaching 60% of people who hadn't previously followed us! WWD also created similar posts for us in Facebook, with the appropriate changes for that platform (links and hashtags).

WWD also designed a social media competition to tap into existing guests followers to convert them to our followers. They also created partnerships with local tour providers to share drone footage on instagram reciprocally which brought in great content at no cost. We have been delighted with the work and dedication! There was also video editing, photography and fast motion work. WWD was excellent and diligent.

Results & insights

I started work on the 11th Jan 2021 and on the graph below which covers 1st Jan to 1st Feb, you can see an immediate lift in traffic to the Hostel website.

No items found.

Ongoing work

This was a 7 week project which is now finished. Ben was so happy with the work that he recommended me to Adrenaline Addicts Moto Tours in the same area, and you can read about that project and ongoing work here

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