Doubled Instagram followers in 4 months plus a 330% traffic increase

Adrenaline Addicts is a motorcycle tour company based in north Colombia, on the Caribbean Coast in Santa Marta. They run various tours of 1 to 15 days length and wanted to increase their instagram followers to encourage more bookings, plus drive traffic to their existing website high value tour pages i.e. the 4, 9 and 15 day tours

Doubled Instagram followers in 4 months plus a 330% traffic increase
Doubled Instagram followers in 4 months plus a 330% traffic increase

Initial status & recommendations

Work started on the 10th April 2021 with 1918 instagram followers. The instagram bio link was set to their main website, and so in the strategy I put together, I changed that to a linktree page instead with many links to the high value tours, plus a video near the top of the links.

The pandemic affected tourism in this area heavily, and bookings were at almost zero with the odd day of motorbike hire which is a secondary source of income for the business. During the first 2 months I posted every day, and since then have been doing 15 posts per month, targeting peak times. Posts are scheduled on Buffer and Reels are done manually.

I also suggested some blog content and did edits for a post about travel during the pandemic so that posts about this subject could drive attention to the blog post and remove fear of travel.

The project has been going well, see the results section in the grey boxes either to the right or below.

Strategy no.1 from 10th April


1. Attract new instagram followers from USA and Europe with an interest in moto, who could book high value / multi day tours, and come to the area with the mototour as a main event in their holiday

2. Drive traffic from instagram to the tour booking pages with 'Calls to action' (CTA's) in stories (already followers) and posts (followers and potential followers)

3. Utilise the 60 new photos

4. Generate partnerships with local hotels so they post images with @mention to increase followers and target people who are in the area 'now' or who may be considering a holiday in the area.

5. Foster relationships with influencers - over 100k followers, offer an incentive to come on a tour, take photos/videos/edited videos, (example - by @la_vidademike who could be a good influencer to start with) and post about it on their page

6. You want to aim for 10k followers because then you can put links into your stories, so for example you post an amazing video of a tour moment, and 'swipe up to see more' which sends them directly to the tour booking page - please note that this is a longer term aim.

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Services rendered

Date delivered

August 20, 2021

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Adrenaline Addicts

Adrenaline Addicts


Adrenaline Addicts

We have been working with Rachael for several months now with the goals of increasing our social media presence/following, as well as increasing organic traffic to our website (Adrenaline Addicts Motorcycle Tour and Rentals, Colombia), and we are very happy with everything to this point. She is a great communicator and explains her process in easy to understand terms, and how it will benefit us/how we can supplement her work as well.
All in all a very thorough and professional experience, and would recommend to anybody in a heart beat!

Results & insights

On 10th April there were 1,918 followers and by 31st August there are 5,419 followers (183% increase)

After the first 2 months, traffic to the Caribbean Epic Motorcycle tour had increased by 330%, and other percentage increases to important tour pages were seen.

Post likes, comments and profile visits all gradually increased, and via good hashtag research, a higher percentage of accounts were reached who weren't already following Adrenaline Addicts.
This means that new followers are gained daily.

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Ongoing work

The social media management is ongoing, and August 2021 has been a busy month for Adrenaline Addicts bookings!

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