Create art with AI

AI is a great tool for creating art
Create art with AI
Rachael Page
March 20, 2023

AI is a tool which we can use to enhance our design efforts!

I created all the images below with midjourney, using sometimes quite simple prompts.

Chinoiserie psychedelic wallpaper
Shine on you crazy diamond
Dragon on a beach
Dragon in detail
Butterfly Dress
Fairy at the bottom of the garden
Googie Artchitecture
Grumpy old man
Climate Change
Religion is curable
Telephone fish bowl
Telephone fish bowl in detail
Cute Unicorn

People currently seem to either love or hate AI. I love it, and see it as a useful tool, but one that still needs a human at the wheel to make strategic decisions and to have good business sense. A real artist can do a lot more with AI for artwork than a non-artist, a case made very well in this video

I've created art with Discord, as seen above, and I'm using chat GPT as 'Google on steroids' to answer complex questions and to write basic content which I can then edit to my needs. I didn't write this with AI though.

I see AI as a time-saving tool, or perhaps like having a personal assistant.

If you would like to discover the power of creating art or written content, reach out to me!

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