Timesheet App for Cleaners

This is a concept project, there was no client
After doing a short contract for a company creating a cleaning app, I did my own research and designed something better based on the experience of the cleaners themselves

Cleaning companies need a way to auto-offer jobs to compatible cleaners, and for cleaners to efficiently accept jobs, track time and view payments

Clickable Prototype

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Many cleaners work for more than one company, so the admin* is cumbersome and takes hours per week on top of their cleaning work

*Reading emails, manually checking for calendar clashes which is especially difficult for repeating jobs, replying to accept the job, checking for confirmation the job is theirs, key pickup or entry details, keeping a calendar, keeping track of time worked for various companies and that payments have been made.

Pain Points for cleaning companies

  • Data collection of customer cleaning job requests from a website form or a phone-call with manual data entry
  • Lots of manual work allocating jobs to compatible to cleaners
  • Organising key pickup / drop off
  • Statistics at a glance for job time requirements
  • Gaining statistics at a glance for reliability of cleaners
  • Administration for time off sick, holiday and regular payments

Desktop app with automated offering of jobs to cleaners from website bookings

Pain Points for cleaners

  • Some cleaning companies send multiple daily emails of individual cleaning job offers, and the administration is annoying and time consuming for the recipient cleaner
  • Cleaners who work for more than 1 company find it difficult and time consuming to schedule jobs without clashes - constantly having to refer to several sites or apps during unpaid time.
  • Cleaners out on jobs need the job details, address, how to get there, getting inside instructions and picking up key details, amongst other things, like whether they need to bring or replenish cleaning materials
  • Cleaners need an easy way to check off each job and see that they have been paid for it

Multi-language, multi-company, calendar synced responsive app

App features

1. Multiple languages - as cleaners can often be immigrants who don’t speak the local language well. Also the company job coordinator can be working in a different language from the cleaners language setting on the app

2a. App can be used with multiple cleaning companies per cleaner, as each cleaners jobs are synced to their google calendar which also helps the cleaner avoid clashes with other jobs or personal events as long as they have entered them into the same google calendar

2b. Every cleaner receives an individual code from each cleaning company to add in their app which links and identifies the cleaner and the company in the app

3. Cleaners can set a home base address, preferred job radius from that address, and preferred working days with individual daily working times, so that the system can automatically offer each cleaning job to the right set of cleaners who accept jobs in those areas & times

4. Cleaners can request more jobs via a ‘toggle’ which can also be turned off when they have enough work for now

5. Cleaners are notified when new jobs are available, and can view them in a list or a map. On the map view, all other jobs for that day are shown colour coded as accepted or not accepted, and job start and end times and travel durations are shown to help the cleaner decide whether to take the job.

6. Before jobs commence, key pickup and cleaning materials details can be communicated via the app, plus direct communication between the cleaner, their co-ordinator and the customer in chat

7. The Job calendar opens to the current day and the date slider provides easy navigation between days. Outstanding jobs are listed below in time order and it’s easy to see the start time, end time and estimated travel time. The cleaner can open any job for more details and go on to put the job back into the job pool as long as there is over 1 week before the next job

8. The ‘Record Time’ tab allows the cleaner to quickly open a job and clock in, record break time, see remaining time and swipe to see the next job details and a map to help navigate there

9. Cleaners can easily see which jobs they’ve been paid for, what’s outstanding and can also offload cleaning jobs on a one-off basis or the whole series of jobs (regular repeating jobs) by placing them back in the job pool for other cleaners to accept

10. The cleaners account area allows logging of holiday, sick days and reporting of accidents - the cleaning company can set this up as required in their desktop app.

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