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She is an incredible teacher, I was surprised by the level of empathy Rachael has with her students, it's obvious that she really enjoys teaching. Commencing my job search, I feel prepared, and I am indebted.

Eduardo Hernandez

Mexico City, Mexico, 2023

Rachael patiently helped me to enhance my design skills and build a great folio. She went above and beyond to provide constructive feedback & resources. She encourages students to master new principles & builds up your confidence

Sanjana Bhat

New Jersey, USA, 2022

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher than you over the last few months - I'm extremely grateful for your support, encouragement and guidance throughout.

Joyce Echevin

London, UK, 2023


Scott Whittle and Terra

I'm happy and proud to have taught my 'student' and entrepreneur Scott Whittle who has just launched the app 'Listen with Terra'

Design book

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All the Visual Design Principles in one book with examples. Learn, refresh or hone your design skills to create stunning designs - Available as e-book for €7.99

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