Scott Whittle and Terra

Rachael Page
May 10, 2023

I'm happy and proud to have taught my 'student' and entrepreneur Scott Whittle who has just launched the app 'Listen with Terra'

Who is Scott Whittle?

Scott is a professional photographer with a penchant for birds and author of 'The Warbler Guide', so he started out with a good design eye

Scott is a co-founder of

What I taught Scott

Scott needed guidance mainly for Visual Design skills and then through the process of how to design an app right from re-branding, typography, colour, layout/negative space and then on to hiring and managing a dev, branded links on printed materials and loads more!

The app lets you listen to birdsong and nature around the world - this week it's Cape May and 'The Biggest Week' in american birding event, with new exotic locations coming soon - you can download it at

By the way, I redesigned the website for Scott, to optimise SEO, rebrand to the new look for the 'Listen with Terra' app, and re-organise and add to the content for optimal marketing opportunities and to better reflect the current company status.

Scotts Website is at

The far right screenshot below is the listening screen of the app where birds are identified as you listen. Soon it will let you click into each bird to see more info and play the birdsong individually. I was responsible for the sound control design, which was more complicated than it looks!

These are a few of the app screens which were designed and optimised thoroughly in user testing

The app store and the app on an M1 mac

Terra was crowdfunded and this video tells the story:

#learndesign #visualdesign #ui #ux #studentsuccess

I'm condensing what I taught Scott into my VISUAL DESIGN course which I'm launching in July. You can check out the curriculum and pre-enroll here

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