Best portfolio builders for UX & Product Designers

Compare and find the best website builder to create a beautiful portfolio based on your needs and skill levels.

Not all website builders or portfolio builders are suitable for you as a UX or Product Designer, and it takes a lot of research and trial and error to find the right one. However here you can skip all that and find the right portfolio site builder in minutes.

How to choose the right builder to create your portfolio site

As a Product Designer or UX Designer, the right choice for your portfolio platform, is the one which suits your skills and needs, and that you can update in the time you have available.

Here you can quickly decide the right one and avoid wasting a lot of time in research or ending up having to rebuild your portfolio in a new platform later.

Important Considerations for the portfolio platform

  • Quality result - check example portfolio's from other designers in each platform
  • Ease of use
  • Learning curve
  • Price & total cost (e.g. extras can be yearly domain)
  • Whether you can connect your own domain name
  • Does it help you get found and land work?
  • Pro's and cons such as suitability to show off UX work and not just flat designs
  • What skills does the platform or website builder require? e.g. Coding or HTML skills
  • How easy and quick is it to maintain when you're time poor in a full-time job?

What are the main types of portfolio website builders?

  • Social sites which help you get discovered
  • Niche designer platforms - under your own web address
  • General website builders which could build any type of site
  • Totally free and paid 'out of left-field' options

Some examples of top UX and Product Portfolios

All of the above examples were built with Webflow. This website is made with webflow and I very much recommend it - but I urge you to consider carefully before deciding which portfolio website builder to use. Webflow has a longer learning curve than some, however it's one of the most creative and flexible platforms.

Sometimes, I use affiliate links with my recommendations, which if bought through, earns me a few cents at no extra cost to you. This helps with the cost of keeping this site alive so I can continue to guide you. I would never recommend anything I don’t or wouldn’t use myself - Rachael

Portfolio builders typically include:

  • Design templates / portfolio template
  • A visual editor, sometimes with 'drag and drop'
  • Customisation options such as fonts, colours and themes
  • Custom domain - sometimes a free domain, or paid

What is the process to create a Portfolio?

  • Consider who is your audience? - Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Clients? - The audience alters the whole approach
  • Draw up a simple wireframe on paper or in a program like Figma with boxes to show the main areas of content
  • Consider your job application process - will you need to provide different URL links according to the type of work you want to submit e.g. work/app-design
    and /work/web-design
    - for the different types of job you may want to apply for?
  • If you do want to categorise your portfolio projects, then create a list of those categories and decide which category or categories each of your projects falls into
  • Select your top 3 platforms based on the information given in the link bottom of this article. NB Webflow is a good option if you want a project database with categories which creates sections for types of work.
  • Evolve your figma design to mid-resolution based on the abilities of your chosen platform(s)
  • Finalise your design in figma and start creating your design in your chosen folio builder
  • Connect your domain name ie.
  • Create an interactive PDF CV with your folio link clearly embedded
  • Send your CV out and include links to your portfolio website in your signature and everywhere you can such as your social media and designer profiles such as linkedin

Your portfolio content will typically include:

  • A brief introduction headline about you
  • UX case studies or UX projects - the best 3 usually highlighted on the hompage
  • Your education, skills and experience in detail
  • Your design process - which could be embedded in your project pages or also be a seperate page
  • About you in detail
  • How to contact you or receive a CV or book your services or a consultation


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In this file download, you will receive:

  • A full table of the top 17 portfolio builders or portfolio website platforms
  • A summarised recommendation based on the skills needed
  • Includes graphs of things like 'ease of use vs price' and 'suitability vs features' to help you decide

This tool makes it easy to find the right portfolio builder for you quickly and accurately. You'll find all the information you need to make the right choice, including the features and capabilities of each platform, the pricing plans, and customer support. The product finder also includes helpful graphs that compare price, ease of use, and suitability, so you can make the best decision for your needs. With this tool, you can avoid costly mistakes and get the portfolio builder that's just right for you. Avoid time consuming mistakes and swaps! - Delivered as a Figma file with links:

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