Best UI Kits in Figma

Being a successful designer is all about workflow optimisation to save time

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It doesn't matter how many years you've been designing, we all need to iterate to get closer to perfection. The more times you can iterate, the better, but we all have time limitations, so we need to be fast at designing - and thats where workflow comes in.

These free UI kits provide you with a huge amount of pre-made UI elements which you can just drag and drop on your page. I've added links, but sometimes creators remove them or turn them into paid and not free kits, but there are plenty of similar items - To find them, open figma and go into the figma community on the top left.

Moja UI Kit & Design System

One of the best and very comprehensive!

Figit UI Elements

Untitled UI - UI Kit and Design System

Relume Library Kit

The figma kit is free, but if you also want to build your design quickly in webflow, Relume has the sections ready built and responsive for a subscription fee - this would be very attractive for web designers building sites for clients constantly because it speeds up workflow loads.

Use these sections like 'widgets' to drop into your designs and restyle to your styleguide

Pitch Deck for Startups

Over 100 slides organised by categories like 'Problem', 'Solution', 'Summary' and with map slides and graphs.

Premium Company Logos

Always a time-saver to have these assets on hand for mock up logos or real logo sections e.g. 'As featured in X magazine'

This article may contain affiliate links — I only ever recommend things that I love and use myself.

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