Best UI Kits in Figma

Best Figma UI kits
Best UI Kits in Figma
Rachael Page
December 18, 2022

Being a successful designer is all Workflow, Workflow, Workflow!

It doesn't matter how many years you've been designing, we all need to iterate to get closer to perfection. The more times you can iterate, the better, but we all have time limitations, so we need to be fast at designing - and thats where workflow comes in.

These UI kits provide you with a huge amount of pre-made UI elements which you can just drag and drop on your page. To find them, open figma and go into the figma community on the top left. Then search for the following (I'll add in links later if I get time):

Apparently one of the best

Here's 3 more highly thought of UI kits

Use these sections like 'widgets' to drop into your designs and edit if necessary

This one is good for student submissions, and maybe also for graph elements on your portfolio pages

A great time-saver for mock up logos or real logo sections e.g. 'As featured in X magazine'

Just an example layout for desktop and mobile with a nice simple style - many more like this available, just search and download a few you like!

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