5% off - UX Design Course

Course discount on User Experience (UX) Course
5% off - UX Design Course
Rachael Page
March 19, 2023

Learn to be a UX Designer and create your online folio during the course!

On top of being a private tutor, I am a tutor for CareerFoundry.com who are a private education company who offer high quality courses in UX and other subjects. As a tutor there I can offer 5% discount from their normal prices. I tutor on the 'UX Design' course, but you can use the discount on any course they offer:

Learn everything you need to get your first job in tech in as little as 5 months—even if you don’t have any previous experience.

Career Foundry has courses in

UX Design
UI Design
Web Development
Data Analytics

Intro to UX Design
Intro to UI Design
Intro to Frontend Development
Intro to Data Analytics

Voice User Interface Design
UI for UX Designers
Frontend Development for Designers

UX Design (AFA)
UI Design (AFA)
Web Development (AFA)

Web Development (ISA)

My personal referral button below will give you a 5% discount on any course you choose!

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