ING Banking App

ING Direct Bank
Feb 2015 - Apr 2015
UX Design

A new app for a new credit card banking product

DATE: Feb 2015 - Apr 2015
AGENCY: Talent Web
CLIENT: ING Direct Bank
TIME: 6 weeks. Personas, presentations on UX to team, wireframing
STATUS: My delivery complete

During Q1 2015 I was contracted to ING Direct Bank to work on a new app for a new banking product.  This type of product was completely new in the industry, however it was a complex proposition in terms of users understanding the concept.

Here are the 4 Personas I created, in order of overall interest and suitability for the product:

Awareness of a product and desirability of a product depend on the user understanding the product and what problems is solves or which benefits it brings.

Here is the presentation I created to explain what the product is, how credit cards work and why this product is desirable. This was done to work out how the product could be presented to and understood by the user.

Why Orange Freedom saves you money

How the user is introduced to a complex offering affects how the wireframes are designed and so that was one of the main points to be solved for in the early stages.

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