McDonalds Monopoly Mobile Site

Creata Agency for McDonalds
1 April - 15 May 2014
UX Design to create clickable wireframes

I was recommended by an ex-colleague at DDB for the McDonalds Monopoly Responsive Mobile first website with Creata, who are McDonalds main agency in Australia.

This is the first year that the McDonalds Monopoly promotion / game will have mobile capability and so a responsive site design was requested.

To see the clickable prototype wireframes please email me for the password.

Project Story

TIME: 2 weeks spent over 6 weeks, including client meetings, phone conferences, wireframing, revisions and document creation

In April 2014 I was contracted to produce wireframes for the McDonalds Monopoly mobile first, responsive website – the first year they supported mobile, which is important because people buy food on the move!

The site is intentionally very simple, yet hides a very complex gaming system.

I programmed the wireframes so that when a code is entered you can choose a path to see the full experience

You can see the full experience and click through it all as shown above here.

The game is quite complex with various types of ticket to collect and prize types such as instant food wins, partner site claim prizes, posted out prizes, and top level prizes such as cars. The top level prizes are both instant win and collect to win, meaning that a whole Monopoly property set needs to be collected before the prize is won.

The approach was a mobile first design and so each interface needed to stay simple. The client brief stated that the main purpose was data collection i.e. e-mail addresses and other data from their customers. To achieve this, the site flows were minimised to be as simple as possible and included Facebook connect to simplify further.

The first interaction is:
1. Browse to site
2. Enter ticket code
3. Click Facebook connect and fill a few fields OR fill all fields
4. See ticket/prize added to account
5. Click claim
6. A – click to partner site OR B – click to pre-filled postal form or C – just click claim

[Then option to quickly add more ticket codes while logged in]

The next interaction is more simple depending on whether the user has agreed to be remembered. If the user agreed:
1. Browse to site
2. Enter ticket code
3. See ticket/prize added to account
4. Click claim
5. A – click to partner site OR B – click to pre-filled postal form or C – just click claim

In the prototype you will see that all the possible permutations are covered. When clicking any type of submit button, you’ll see a list of possible flow options in grey rounded boxes – these are not part of the interface design, but exist so that you can see the live experience in any chosen flow permutation.

When the monopoly competition is currently on, you can see the live site at

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